The Sunrise Years

Age group: 21 to 30

Start early to make sure that the good times last forever

It’s such an exciting period when you begin earning. You may have only limited responsibilities today, your cash inflow is good, and the future seems bright.
That’s exactly the time you should begin investing long-term. When you begin early, your investment portfolio can grow better.

Prepare yourself for a better future

Sure, you should enjoy your present day life, but not at the cost of your future. It’s easy to spend all you earn and ignore investing right or building for the future when you’re still young and have begun earning well. However, when you face responsibilities tomorrow, you might not have enough funds on hand.

Making the right choices at this stage of your life will positively impact the quality of your life in the coming years. With a little planning and foresight, the investments you make today will help you take care of all your future requirements and let you enjoy life without worries. That’s because planning beats luck in the long run.

Which is why you need to look at the larger picture of long-term investments.

 We understand before we solve

Setting financial goals that are attractive and yet achievable requires financial acumen, experience, and foresight. But there’s one element that’s even more important: understanding.

As a leading financial services firm, we are conscious of the huge trust you place in our expertise. That’s exactly why we invest our time in first understanding you before we suggest anything.

We carefully study your current status, accurately define your financial goals, and map your risk profile. Your responsibilities, your dreams, your expectations, your lifestyle, … we need to take into account all this, and more. Our work begins much, much before we make our first investment recommendation. Because we care.


Three factors that favor your Age Group

Discipline Building

Setting your personal finance goals early shapes the required discipline you need for wealth generation.

Compounding Growth

By starting to invest while you’re in your 20’s, you enjoy the tremendous power of compounding.

Asset Diversity

At this age, you can invest in a wider variety of assets class and stand to earn better returns.

The steps to your dreams

Fortunately, preparing for the future doesn’t mean giving up every comfort you enjoy today. Here are the five steps you need to follow, no matter what your funds inflow or current investment status.

List out

Identify your visible liabilities and goals over the next 20 years. That dream car, that yearly vacation & include all of them.


Try and come up with reasonable estimates of your future incomes over the same time.


Choose the age by which you’d like to retire and enjoy everything at your own pace.


Assess the current investment options available to you and weigh their pros and cons.

Take action

Grow discipline, cultivate patience and begin investing. Once that’s done, you can sit back and relax.

For most of us, however, the above steps are complex and overwhelming. Which is where a personal finance expert comes in.

Making the right Choice 

A personal finance expert will help you refine your goals. They can point out things you missed, like, for instance, children’s overseas education. Basically, they will help you foresee practically every major phase of your life that involves you and your loved ones.

If you choose investments that are too safe, you’ll earn very low returns. If, on the other hand, you select highly risky alternatives, you face the risk of losing all your money. Now you see why the next step is crucial.

Your mutual fund distributor will accurately evaluate the risk-return balance of each of the investment options and help you select the most suitable alternatives. Their expertise will also help you build the right discipline that will build you true wealth over time.

Why not speak to one of our experts now and take the most important first step for your better future?

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