Investment Options for Senior Citizens

Investment Options For Senior Citizens

Let us build you an income flow that will always beat the inflation

Trying to beat inflation is important, but you need your investments to do more than just that. As your trusted financial professional, we excel at developing exceptional investment options for senior citizens. Our goal is to provide you with a steady flow of income that enables you to maintain the lifestyle you desire.

And to generate that regular income, investment will have to be disciplined. As you approach retirement, your investment portfolio needs to balance risk and returns in a way that’s in tune with your changed risk appetite.

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Peace of mind is one of the key goals of your investments. Mutual funds, because they are one of the most rewarding and disciplined investment vehicles, have always been favored by intelligent investors. Benefit from our proven expertise built over three decades. Lay the strong foundation for your retirement goals.

Superior investment options for senior citizens to secure wealth and attain financial comfort

All your life, you work hard so that you can maintain a certain lifestyle even after you stop working and begin to relax. Obviously, you’ll need a sound investment strategy to turn that goal into a reality.

Retirement planning is effective only when you execute it well and your investments provide you consistent returns over a longer period of time. Only a seasoned financial professional can deliver that. Which is where we come in.

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Ensure worry-free wealth transfer & everything else to the last detail

Your assets are an important component of the legacy you’ll leave behind you. Execution of financial advice for seniors would be incomplete if it doesn’t take that into account. It’s critical to make things smoother and better for the next generation.

Get expert guidance on finding the perfect investment options for senior citizens. We’ll help you with everything from making appropriate nominations to choosing the right holding patterns. Trust the professionals to lead you down the path to financial success. That’s because the value of investments lies not just in their returns but also the ease with which the right beneficiaries can enjoy it.

Three factors that favour your age group

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You will need better liquidity, because investments are your primary income.

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Be sure your investments are robust and continue generating good returns

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Avoid getting into fancy, radical, or poorly regulated investments.

This is what you need to do

You are at a special stage in life and your financial discipline will matter more than ever. Here’s what you need to follow:


Tabulate your current investments and identify each segment or asset class where you have parked your funds.


Set up the boundary of your do’s and don’ts as regards your investment strategy for the coming years.


Redirect your funds from investment options that don’t meet your investment criteria in terms of returns or safety.


Be sure you protect your investment from bad decisions or indiscipline that arises from greed or fear.


Once you’ve finalized things, stick to the plan - do not change track without complete understanding and expert advice.

 It’s not always easy to do all of these things yourself, given your other personal and professional commitments. 

And that’s exactly where our role as a personal finance expert begins.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What should be my top priorities at this stage?
    The first thing to do is to chart your monthly expense flow. Based on that, withdraw from your debt portfolio. If you need to withdraw more than 7% of your financial assets, you must definitely invest in equity mutual funds. That’s because if you consider the risk-return balance, equity mutual funds are almost the only way to stay ahead of the curve. With these things in place, there isn’t much you need to really do. So relax and enjoy.
    Should I invest in equity mutual funds?

    Yes, Absolutely. Remember how your household expenses double almost every 8-10 years? Back then if you were spending Rs 25,000 per month, today you’re spending Rs 50,000 per month. And about 8 years from now, you’ll be spending Rs 100,000 per month.

    So you need to protect and improve the purchasing power of your investments. Equity funds are just the right investment for you to make sure you are protecting and improving the purchasing power of your funds.

    How should I divide my investments?
    Place about 80% of your funds into investments that will generate a regular income and invest the balance 20% in equity mutual funds. That will assure you a steady source of income even while protecting your purchasing power. If you’re planning to set aside some funds for your grandchildren, invest only in equity mutual funds. They will thank you for this many times over!
    What type of investment should I avoid ?
    Avoid investments where you are not sure why they offer a higher return. Next, avoid investments where you can’t afford the downside risk. These rules are true all through your life, but at this particular stage, do not compromise with this rule at all: Do not invest in something you can’t understand or can’t afford losing.
    How frequently should I review my portfolio?
    Twice a year is good enough. Weekly or monthly reviews almost always add unnecessary noise. They will very likely damage your long-term investment strategy, weaken your investment discipline, and put you at the risk of unduly reacting to every market volatility as far as equity investments are concerned.. Remember that by reviewing, we mean reviewing and tracking all your financial assets, right from your bank FD and PPF to equity mutual funds. This might also give you an idea of how your total financial assets are moving ahead, not just your mutual funds.

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    • Kaumudi Jani
      We can not afford to make costly mistakes in investing, especially once we are retired. One-on-one discussion at FinVoyage has given me the confidence that I am on the right track and it is clearly visible in the portfolio performance. I have realized and therefore emphasise that the earlier we start our financial journey with a right planner/consultant, the better.
      Kaumudiniben Jani
      Art of Living Teacher, Ahmedabad