Meet The Team

Shital Shah

Certified Financial Planner ’06
MBA Finance: B.K. School of Management ’94
B.E.: L.D. College of Engineering ’91

Mr. Shital Shah

As the first person in Gujarat to finish the CFP in challenge status program (in three months flat), Shital has been helping clients and their families with personal finance and wealth building through investment decisions for over 25 years.

Shital brings leadership and vision to FinVoyage. After completing his B.E. in 1991 and M.B.A. Finance in 1994, Shital launched A. G. Financial Services (AGFS) in 1996. FinVoyage was shaped as the digital initiative of AGFS, with the objective of raising financial literacy and improving the quality of investments.

He is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom. “That’s how you can build a life that is an enjoyable journey without unpleasant surprises.”, Shital says.

His mantra: We cannot plan to win a jackpot, but by exercising discipline as an investor we will definitely hit a few jackpots during our investing career. He is a big believer in the role that behavioral aspects, more than most other things, decide the success of your wealth generation goals.

He enjoys helping clients discover how real investment works. Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya help him maintain a disciplined mind. Following Sadhguru from the Isha foundation and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from the Art of Living foundation keep him focused and spiritually healthy.

He is one of those rare personal finance experts who doesn’t subscribe to business channels. “They only add noise to your decision-making.”, he smiles. “True investment wisdom should avoid that.”

Atmin Shah

MBA: IIM Indore ’22
B.Tech: IIT Gandhinagar ’19

Mr. Atmin Shah

After completing his B.Tech from IIT Gandhinagar, Atmin was selected at IIM Indore from where he received his MBA in 2022. He was offered placement with one of the Big Four accounting and consulting firms as well as from a giant multinational investment bank, but he turned down both in order to spearhead FinVoyage’s digital initiative.

Atmin is deeply committed to assisting people create wealth and enjoy financial freedom. “I love spending time with clients to understand their financial position, their goals, their aspirations… I insist on learning everything relevant about clients before I formulate a personalized investment strategy for them.” says Atmin, sharing his secret sauce.

Atmin reads up a great deal to learn more about macro and micro economics of India. “There is absolutely no substitute to staying updated – how else can I take balanced, informed decisions for my clients?” maintains Atmin.

Outside the world of investment, Atmin loves following cricket and traveling. One of his fondest memories is enjoying the quintessentially Gujarati thepla with a cup of hot coffee atop Jungfraujoch. “My friends call it the Gujarati invasion of the Alps!” he laughs.