Investment Options for Young Investors


Why Invest at young age?

Securing your financial future for retirement isn’t something that magically happens—it’s all about planning, sticking to your goals, and, of course, having the funds to make it happen!

Wealth management and financial planning at a young age works best when you have the right financial advisor by your side. Even a small, regular investment can grow big.

The best part? You don’t have to give up the fun you’re having right now. To find the best investment options for young investors, you just need some discipline and a little amount of help from investment experts.

How can we help

You may have just started your career and it’s easy to spend everything for the luxuries of today. But wait, you need investment planning for a quality life tomorrow as well, right? As a best financial advisor in Ahmedabad, we can help you. Take a Benefit from our experience of nearly 3 decades. and secure a future you deserve.

Expert financial investment options for young investors with the right risk-return balance

Being younger than middle-aged and senior individuals allows you to have more freedom to explore different options in order to find the right balance between risk and return that aligns with your objectives.

During the execution of your financial planning, we ensure you optimize your returns without sacrificing the quality or transparency of your portfolio.
Which is why you need to look at the larger picture of long-term investments.

Leverage financial planning to build wealth in the long-term

Your investment goals can be met easily if you keep investing regularly, following the advice of a registered financial advisor with a strong, proven record.
Our dedicated mutual fund services help you build that discipline to invest regularly. Which is all you need to keep enjoying a better quality of life.

Three factors that favour your age group

discipline building finvoyage

Discipline building

Setting Your Personal Finance goals early Shapes the required discipline you need for wealth generation.

compounding growth finvoyage

Compounding growth

By starting to invest while you’re in your 20’s, You enjoy the tremendous power of compounding.

asset diversity finvoyage

Asset diversity

While investing young, you can invest in a wider variety of assets class and stand to earn better returns.

The steps to your dreams as a young investor

Fortunately, preparing for the future doesn’t mean giving up every comfort you enjoy today. As an young investor, here are the five steps you need to follow, no matter what your funds inflow or current investment status. 

List out

Identify your visible liabilities and goals over the next 20 years. That dream car, that yearly vacation & include all of them.


Try and come up with reasonable estimates of your future incomes over the same time.


Choose the age by which you’d like to retire and enjoy everything at your own pace.


Assess the current investment options available to you and weigh their pros and cons.

Take action

Grow discipline, cultivate patience and begin early investing. Once that’s done, you can sit back and relax.

 For most of us, however, the above steps are complex and overwhelming. 

Which is where FinVoyage’s expertise comes in.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What should be the priority of my investments at this stage?

    First, create an emergency fund. In case your regular income gets negatively disrupted, your emergency fund will help you sail through the temporary rough patch. Also, pay off all your liabilities without delay. For example, if you have an educational loan outstanding, pay it off first. Next, get an adequate life and health insurance cover. Finally, begin to save and invest for your short-term and long-term goals. A luxury car or a beautiful house is easier to buy when your finances are sorted.

    Should I go for high-risk investments right now?

    You need to understand the difference between high-risk investments and blind risks that are like gambles. Avoid getting into areas that you don’t understand fully, aren’t adequately regulated, or something that your mutual fund distributor or investment advisor recommends you against.

    Equity mutual funds are a great investment options for young investors at the moment. It allows you to embrace all the risks you should get into.. It allows you to embrace all the risks you should get into.

    What factors are important for me at this stage?

    We firmly believe that when it comes to building wealth, two factors matter the most at your age. One, you should be able keep your greed and fear in check. Playing too safe brings you poor returns, while going overboard with risky investments can make you lose all your money.

    Two, you need to understand your risk appetite as well as your goals, and begin developing the right discipline for investment. Remember, invest early, invest right, and invest regularly.

    Focus on balancing instant versus delayed gratification, and you can enjoy prosperity all your life.

    How should I divide my investments?

    First, buy a term plan for life risk cover. Remember to have a cover that’s at least 10 times your annual post-tax income. If your organization doesn’t provide you health insurance, buy one. After that, you need to create a contingency fund that’d cover 6 to 12 months of your liabilities and expenses. Finally, invest the balance in equity or hybrid funds that your mutual fund distributor or advisor suggests.

    Remember, the above is only a generic suggestion, so we strongly recommend speaking to your competent, trusted mutual fund distributor or advisor before taking a decision.

    When should I start investing for wealth creation?

    Today. The best day to begin is always today. The earlier you begin investing and building wealth, the bigger your corpus will become in future. Check out the following table that shows you why investing early matters.


    Investment started at age Monthly investment Invest upto the age of 60 Wealth created at the age of 60 *
    25 10,000 60 425 Lacs
    35 10,000 60 150 Lacs

    * For the calculation purpose, we have taken annual return to be 11%.

    Client’s speak

    • Ajay Avaghade
      In investment, starting early is important, but starting in the right direction is even more important. And FinVoyage has given me that right direction.

      Ajay Avaghade
      Associate Product Manager, PhonePe, Banglore
    • Ayushi Rashi
      Investing is easy, but taking the decisions that have a high probability of being in your favor and backing it with logical reasoning is tough and this is where FinVoyage's expertise lies.
      Ayushi Rashi
      Analyst, JP Morgan, Mumbai
    • Ram Pravesh Tiwari
      Discussions before starting the investing journey, has given me the 360o view of investing universe and has prepared me to be ready for the volatile market, stay focused and disciplined.
      Ram Pravesh Tiwari
      Program Manager, Country Delight, Gurugram
    • Riddhimaa Khanna
      As I was new to the investing world, there were so many questions regarding Wealth Creation, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Tax Savings etc... After a couple of rounds of discussion with the team at FinVoyage, I got clarity on various aspects of investment, mapped my investments with my financial goals and now I can say with confidence that I have started my journey towards financial independence.
      Riddhimaa Khanna
      Enterprise Strategy Consultant, IBM