Risk Profiler

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Since how long you are investing?


When you invest your money, what thought comes to your mind first?


If you looked at the portfolio of the investments that you have already made, how would you characterise them?


After you have made an investment, how frequently do / will you check your investment?


What do you normally associate the word ‘Risk’ with?


How comfortable you will be if valuation of your portfolio goes below by the amount of your yearly income in two months and after that stays there for
1-2 years?


Interest rates can go up or down. If you had to take a loan and had the choice between a fixed rate and a variable one, which one would you prefer?


After doing job for some time, if you are planning to start your own venture, how comfortable you will be?


If you had the choice between a fixed salary and a partly variable one, depending on your performance and the profits of your company, which one would you prefer?


Consider this scenario. You had invested in a company, but its performance was so bad post your investment, that you sold off your investments at a loss. Then you hear that the same company has begun to do well. Would you invest in the company again?


If the performance of an investment you have recently made is below your expectations, how would you feel?


Below is the 5 year retrun of two asset class. Which one you will prefer?


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